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Senior health issues, keeping fit, etc.

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Carl Barnowski shares 4 tips for Baby Boomers and a quality retirement

Category: Education
Duration: 00:02:15
Barnowski Financial Group promotes the four "Biggies" during retirement that we know make our aging retiree's happy. Our expertise is obviously falls into category 4, Sustainable Income for Life. If you think about it though, they are are all related from the standpoint that without one... you probably don't have one are a few of the others.

1. Good Health - Let's face it... if you don't have your health, you don't have much. Without Good Health, you probably don't have mobility.

2. Mobility - Mobility can mean the ability to drive, or just get out and take a walk. Without Mobility, you more than likely lose your ability to Socialize.

3. Socialization - Socialization is important for our mental health, physical stimulation as well as keeping our brain active and engaged.

4. Sustainable Income for Life - Knowing... not guessing that your money will last you your entire lifetime brings not only stress relief, but also allows you to afford the best healthcare available with keeps you healthy, which keeps you mobile and social.

People of all ages and physical conditions can benefit from exercise and physical activity. And research has shown that physical activity can slow down some aspects of the aging process.